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on August 28, 2017


website in the construction and selection of the module program and not too many features, but in the construction of the early desalt of Shanghai Longfeng factors. After all, in the search engine advocate user experience today, if the site is full of strong flavor of how to optimize, its approval? Dragon know the website will give good treatment in the early online search engine, in order to maintain the image of the perfect website, the website in the design process in addition to Shanghai dragon is about desalination the user experience, pay more attention to the design of the interface to the user if leaving the first feeling better. Good design is the first step of website optimization, based on all kinds of views on the web page design decided to adopt a new idea.


website at the beginning of the line layout requires good keywords, this is a lot of old webmaster repeatedly stressed the content, of course I am no exception. In the aspect of interface design, the title of the site selection, planning, layout and description keywords spend lots of time. Fortunately, love is awesome day in Shanghai, the line on the website, gave no keywords included, and individual index is arranged to the home page, as shown in figure

In fact, the

is engaged in website optimization all know that new sites need to focus on maintaining at the beginning of the line is. The search engine first impression of the new station is generally good, giving care is also obvious to people, but there are still some owners do not understand their intentions, on the site at the beginning of the line to adopt some appropriate strategies, ranging from website too slow without ranking, while in the website for a long time not included. Well, nonsense not say, let a new dragon to talk about is how to get in line on the day of love in Shanghai included and ranking experience.


site in the process of the overall layout, to take the air in a structured way, at the head of the navigation bar and did not like the previous website into words, but from the user’s point of view to take simple and clear words, let the user at a glance know the characteristics of enterprise and service. Shanghai dragon knows the importance of navigation, if into the keyword weight is relatively high, so many companies have joined the website main keywords. This site is not added keywords, a pursuit of aesthetic effect, more fear of causing user >

in the specific operation of the interface design process, and not in accordance with the traditional abandoned JavaScript effects, although the use of optimization, can be used as a focus of tourism websites, if not at the interface due to the user’s interest, and how to enhance the experience gained recognition. Therefore, the courage to break through the website of Shanghai Longfeng thinking in the design process of the limitations placed a few motion pictures with the JavaScript specific code in the home page, it simply introduces enterprise culture, product characteristics and value, in the form of illustrations will attract the attention of the user.

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