Three special sunspot but very successful Shanghai Dragon View
on August 30, 2017

Shanghai dragon road is confused and tortuous, because you never know the true search engine ranking factors, Shanghai dragon’s experience is accumulated out of millions of owners through practice and exploration, now content and outreach has been successfully recognized two magic Shanghai dragon, but sunspot in practical work has met with some the Shanghai dragon out of the ordinary way out for everyone to share, hope to enlighten you.


, first three months

two, never do Links

three, pseudo original and original real utility

effect of original recently has been a hot spot in the webmaster discussion, and once sunspot friends do a different station to a site at the same time, are equally matched for the chain and Links and competition situation, sunspots hard everyday to ensure the original article, but the friend just for the title and end simple pseudo original, the friend after a month to first love Shanghai almost all keywords, my site is just a little bit more in some places. Afterwards we summed up such a conclusion, although the original king, but love is not Shanghai can really distinguish one of the original and pseudo original, love Shanghai for a passage may pay more attention to the title and end.

has a local website do very successful webmaster, have their own team, is currently a nationwide promotion station, in the way they asked sunspot chain website commonly used, the master said: "we do not three months before the chain, only content. And all the contents are not content with the chain, you are not ready, let users see what, from search engines, so that the pursuit of Shanghai dragon is not friendly to users". This argument made me surprised, in the chain, even the whole process does not do within the chain, will have good rankings? But in fact the company each station will promote in the second half, Shanghai love the first of several, tested. If you have enough patience and stable state of mind, you can try this optimization way.

The importance of

Links are countless stationmaster verified, every webmaster every day looking for the same industry and their quality Links, so it is a black spot, in the search for a keyword, found a ranking the first web site did not have a Links, and this is the key a more popular keywords, sunspot linked to the stationmaster issued after the exchange Links request, the master said: "I feel shy, this is not the Links exchange station". When asked why the sunspot so low on the list when the owners think it is possible that the industry website content is more important, and the webmaster in content all title and keywords have great relevance.

in the process of website optimization, a special case of what are likely to encounter, this again shows the search engine algorithm of mystery, in the face of some special.

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