Webmaster optimization pain how stable not easily won the ranking
on September 3, 2017

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host server, domain name server is also the most important point. Like some time ago, the new network DNS server frequently do not know the number of sites so lead to paralysis and involvement. This is just a coincidence, in fact the new network domain stability is quite good. So in the domain name registration when choosing a domain name service provider with the strength is also very important, in general, buy cheap domain name, the server where to go or not.

two: to enhance the popular search engine: content is not much, the spirit of fine

picked up this topic, I hope not annoying, tired of watching just because of their own have a stable server. In fact in the website optimization process, the server factors leading to the decline in the rankings, even blocked, still occupy the vast proportion. No security, is the lack of bandwidth, or node routing problems frequently. This series is the role in fact for the owners themselves, why do you say that? For temporary price, service providers can come up with the economic benefits of the type of host to supply demand. If the host stability is guaranteed, then enhanced host how to sell? Of course not just for malicious IDC, room environment selection and server configuration problems caused. The primary station in the choice of the host must not believe that the so-called flicker experts said: not limited to CPU, limited bandwidth, limited to IIS, it is impossible to. If so, then the entire server is messed up. Generally speaking, formal service providers with the following parameters: 100MB space with IIS100, and so on, of course, this is only a personal understanding, for reference, the independent IP server is the best.

A: do not lose at the starting point, stable server an

optimization, the small owners to erase the wound, the rule of the search engine ranking is intriguing, at present today, tomorrow a mystery ranking. In each search engine update is stationmaster the most intense day, ranking and some people are happy people worry, who left home? How to rank the stability not easily won AdSense for searching for answers. Is it really difficult to stabilize the ranking? Many problems in fact or their own causes, which lead to the website ranking up and down. The author according to the reasons and corresponding solutions to further analysis:

some owners in the rankings and achieved good effect after watching the search engines crawl significantly faster, while trying to take a shortcut or to increase the collection of pseudo original acquisition. Start effect is good, but when grasping more and more slowly, their website weight has been reduced. Can collect, but the collected articles suspected itself can have enough weight components, such as the four major portals to collect every day reproduced also won’t be right down. Therefore, the small owners or this part of doing the things right, update is not much, the author thinks that the fine line, suitable for search engine optimization: more than 500 words for the best, more love > to spider

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