What are including a detailed analysis of the real Shanghai Longfeng case on
on September 3, 2017

third, keyword analysis

for large scale website, the overall positioning analysis and optimization analysis, we need to allocate the key words. Why? Because the site requires a lot of traffic. So we need a large number of included, but only included is far from the requirements, must be included with meaningful content, the content of the title and text must contain the keywords. This is the whole flow of ideas. So the next need to vigorously tap.

used to help customers optimize the website, also encountered many problems in the process of optimized website. For example, some customers require only a keyword to get good rankings, but some customers do not need keywords ranking, need the whole flow change, to the final results. We can not simply say that which is good or bad, because of the different industry, the significance of keyword ranking to poor will be great. Some of the emerging virtual games industry, for example, good keywords ranking means Everfount traffic, so only optimize the key to them is the best strategy; while some of the more traditional industries is different, even if the keywords ranking on the home page, the effect is not too obvious, it needs to change the overall strategy. Based on their own experience and share in the Shanghai dragon case, what is the general steps of website optimization, also welcome everybody to have a good idea to communicate with me. A total of seven, due to limited space, today is the first to share the top three.

are the first analysis of the overall positioning of the site, you have what is the nature of the optimization of the web site, where customers, what is the overall customer expectations on the site and your site on the overall planning, site optimization need what keywords, long tail keywords to mining, if properly interspersed in the article. These all need the overall positioning, induction and analysis. We must grasp the overall situation, the overall mentality, to grasp the industry characteristics and the user only way to push the site to better track development, in order to make the flow Everfount coming, so when you see a website not to start, to communicate with the customer, and then to the overall planning is the first thing to do.

second, website optimization target analysis

site optimization objectives, the ultimate goal to clear the site. As mentioned in the first paragraph of this essay, the nature of the site, the customer requirements are also different. Some website optimization goal is only one or two words, the scope of this time is a lot smaller, it is more targeted. Some web sites to the whole effect, is not limited to keyword class, but more is to want the site to have a good performance in the search engine, there are a number of long tail word, every day a lot of traffic, and ultimately improve the site conversion rate and profit. This is not only rely on external links, need to do some necessary changes to the site itself, while the use of strategy, strategy.

The second step is

, the first web site overall positioning analysis

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