The user experience from the construction of the chain began to produce effective click the chain qu
on September 3, 2017

in this case, the website of Shanghai dragon gradually turned into a fight outside the chain of heavy manual labor, Shanghai dragon ER had become "network migrant workers", "content is meaningless with keywords" and "chain" has become a common trend of artificial "chain" also gradually to the low line the machine group.


is the reason for the vast majority of the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER, do not know, but in Shanghai Longfeng and network marketing practice, we still ignore the direct recommendation to users outside the chain guide because it chain into traffic and search engine key word search.

love Shanghai "search engine optimization guide 2" stressed: "the user access to your web page from other pages link to start" and "we often say the super chain is (user) a recommendation (form)".

in fact, emphasize the direct recommendation for users of the chain guide marketing role is necessary, ZAC said: "external links (Shanghai dragon) is to improve the ranking of the most direct means, but the traffic is the original meaning of the link…… As long as you can get traffic, is a good external links, after all, the purpose of Shanghai dragon or flow".

at present, all the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER attaches great importance to the construction of the chain, they not only from the link connection, high and low weight, time factor, natural link degree, domain name breadth, link location, anchor text, or whether the nofollow jump, etc.; and emphasizes precise collocation anchor text, hypertext, pure the text forms of the chain, is aimed at search engine depends on the guiding role of the weakness of anti chain recommendation. Only one purpose, "the hair of the chain, the spider, the chain The more, the better., the web site keywords ranking do up.

not only because the search engine depends on the guiding role of reverse link; more importantly, the reverse link with the web page recommendation guide is the only basis for the Internet presence, irreplaceable. If there is no reverse link (especially the chain) "recommended the guiding role of the Internet is not Unicom, not to mention the existence of the search engine.

, site outside the chain of the search engines recommend guide right, but this view is not comprehensive, because of "the chain guide is recommended for people first. A chain, only really has on the recommendation of friends to guide, the search engine also really has recommended guidance.

it is understood that the Fujian Putian do a network company website imitation brand and even set up a chain team of more than 1000 people, every day at least have tens of thousands of "content is meaningless with keywords" chain of garbage, as is the hair of the chain, the spider".

It should be said that

"the hair of the chain, the spider" has become the consensus of Shanghai dragon ER

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