Shanghai Longfeng site navigation point of view of the need to consider a few factors
on September 4, 2017

above is the Sina home page navigation for important columns can be bold or use other ways to show that when the site column, can be layered display, layout reasonable, and does not affect the user experience.

For example, the

if we make love Shanghai optimization, can use Chinese letters or products referred to as the navigation URL, visitors can connect can know the navigation is what column, so customers can more accurately find something of value. A corporate website often have "news center" and "products", we are in the development of the website, you can use Xinwen and Chanpin as URL.

images and flash as navigation, although very beautiful, but is not favorable for identifying the search engine. Some enterprises in order to save the cost of space, to buy some more rotten space, when the user to browse the site, will cause the picture does not appear, or because the user does not install the Flash plugin, site navigation effects have lost, thus lack of website user experience.

all of the above is the Hangzhou Shanghai dragon training (www.byjobhotel贵族宝贝) web site navigation sharing is needed in the design of the time to consider some.

second: site navigation structure

fourth: site navigation and link does not appear too much

website, as a Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, will continue to expand the long tail keywords Hangzhou Shanghai Longfeng series as the site navigation, not only will increase website navigation more and more natural correlation, Hangzhou Shanghai dragon distributed to each section, increase the layout of the site keywords.


: first try to use words as web site navigation links

as a corporate Web site, no need too many navigation links on the site, there is a principle in Shanghai Longfeng cake, the more links to a page, the more dispersed the weight of the website, and the page will not be good in the search engine ranking above.

third: each link to related

fifth: the website pictures, try not to use flash as a navigation

site navigation as web design is an indispensable part, if there is no navigation website users will not be able to quickly find the information the user wants. Site navigation the existence value, not only to facilitate users find information quickly find the relevant section of the content, and also favorable search engines crawl, so as to effectively solve the problem of the website. The following points, I was in Hangzhou Shanghai dragon training center of some individuals from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng site navigation in the design, which need to pay attention to several factors:



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