The direction of the BSP blog promotion website promotion
on September 4, 2017


4.bsp blog added Links carefully, Links added to master the blog link, there is also a group of benefits that can be a lot of blog sprocket, chain together to form a circle, and finally point to the main station, my blog is A to B, B to C, then C to A the formation, circulation, then I point to the home station. This process will transfer the weight, so as to improve the weights of the master page. But they have to maintain a good chain construction, or one of them is k, will certainly affect the ranking of the master.


2.bsp blog content to update the construction needs to adhere to their own, rather than relying on those tools on the Internet, content acquisition is excessive, will cause the snapshot is not updated, the blog page was K, if you don’t have time to go to the original, then you have the original, they all know that search engines do not love the old something. But different blogs need to be different in order to attract spider.

3.bsp blog in the update article is a function of the submission, if you update the original content, remember to put your articles for submission, good article will be displayed on the home page, so you can increase your blog visibility, so as to achieve the effect of marketing.

done marketing webmaster know, website promotion method is really beyond count, such as soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, micro-blog promotion, blog promotion, that each method has different characteristics, to achieve the effect is not the same. The great amount of access for the BSP blog, the webmaster friends is how to locate the

1. to create a new blog, do not use the site of the primary key for the blog name, can choose the name of long tail keywords appropriate to do blog, that is a blog by K, will not bring much impact to the master.

Note that

webmaster friends all know that there are many now the third party blog, such as the Shanghai love space, Sina blog, Hexun, NetEase, Sohu, the end of the world, so many blogs are all unique, so webmaster friends have to choose their own third party blog marketing according to their own needs. If you are preparing to blog for their station that we must choose a good blog BSP direction, and you will find your customers, BSP traffic is really too big, to your customers is hard to find, so this reminds us to find the target group. Positioning your direction.

we do BSP the idea of blog is a blog, bring the chain for their master, turned out to be kept, it would be good to it, in this process, we also need to pay attention to several points in detail:

BSP, a blog to locate a good direction


5. the third party blog we are in with others, so you don’t take what to do with a small website.


two, BSP blog promotion:

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