The content of the website to let search engines love it
on September 4, 2017

for a website’s content value, if they can provide the needed content to the needs of the users and visitors to tour, usually in the search engine to obtain a relatively good ranking, but for what is valuable? I believe that many owners do with small initial station all have the same confusion, so today Xiaobian to share with you some of our common and search engine rankings are relatively good for the type of content, I hope to help you.

for a large part of the netizen, a lot of people not to work or in the online business to make money, but more is through the Internet to find their own interest in things, for example some timely and entertainment news, the network video content is more can lure users who click on the watch, so that search engine will pay more attention to these users love entertainment website content, given the relatively good rankings. So for a lot of sites, in the planning, we should pay more attention to the netizens interest hobby, website content to create entertainment news as one of the only such website can really win the love of Internet users and search engines.

(two), hobbies, entertainment news, video and other web content.

for the value of the search engine, the biggest advantage is that the convenience of users find what they want, so as to solve some questions and confusion, the search engine on the Internet also play a role in life helper, we can be here to find their own interest in things that people interested in. So for a website to better reflect their own values, then it must be true to be able to solve the problem for users who visit your website, only in this way can we establish a website on the Internet brand and reputation, of course we can in your website some quiz program, let netizens mutual exchange of answer, just like a small love Shanghai, know as my search Q & A, www.name2012贵族宝贝 recently prepared an on-line quiz column, allowing users to exchange their problems and solutions.

everyone through the search engine search keywords authoritative professional will find in this type of search engine rankings, are often the encyclopedia, library and some large portal content display, these sites are usually more professional, the authority is relatively strong, so for the web site the content of this type is usually in the search engine will be able to get good rankings, so for a lot of knowledge sharing sites, small series suggest that in writing the content on the website at the same time, must be sincere to share some knowledge, allowing users to really learn from us, only in these contents do enough professional, can really retain more customers.

(three) the content of the website users, users exchange doubts.

(a) the content of the website to share professional knowledge, cognitive authority.

In terms of

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