How to optimize the website home page
on September 5, 2017

here are some views of Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou – Shanghai dragon website optimization promotion can cut off the network learn many words,

site navigation optimization

network promotion website how to optimize

is a keyword match. For example: Zhengzhou Shanghai Dragon – Zhengzhou keywords optimization of perfectly matched Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon and Zhengzhou keywords optimization, give high weight, less disadvantage is the long tail word.

home page keywords distributed nature, do not deliberately avoid keyword stuffing keywords increased suspicion. It may be appropriate to use the H1 tag to highlight key words. There is a lot of argument to grasp this own keyword density online, can reference tool that

The reasonable layout of the is a relatively commonWe must pay attention to writing


site: the most indispensable new products, popular products, recommended the latest content, and so on, play a leading role. Also can arrange some special membership activities, membership and other shows, you must have in order to customer experience, good for.

4 column

Keywords No doubt the importance of the

, a search engine of

is considering another word

1, Website Title Optimization


navigation can be arranged more than one keyword, you can consider important keywords as far as possible by the left, Chinese see what habit is from left to right, the search engine is for customer service, I would like to give weight on the left than on the right side of the high word. (in my opinion)

navigation is the best use of text links, convenient spiders, do not use Javascrip or Flash navigation.

The other is

title is very important for a website, the search engine will give weight of this label is very good, so be sure to add a keyword in writing website title, writing Title generally has the following two kinds of

site navigation can not only guide the customer to browse the site, improve the customer experience, but also can be beneficial to the keywords ranking

home key distribution The website of

title, if the length is more than 38 Chinese characters behind the content will be love Shanghai ignored, the customer experience is not good


home page optimization, not only because of the weight of the home page, the home page is more important is our whole appearance of the website, is the user access to the first page, do the optimization of the home page can greatly improve the user experience.

navigation in the home key and do not conflict, such as my home key Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon, if I add a section of the Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon in the navigation page, may lead to confusion of spider

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