Outbound links did you know these precautions
on September 5, 2017

second, the export link should be

therefore, in export link construction, a good grasp of these precautions, you can create more valuable links to your site.

third, the export link should not overdo sth.

The use of

in the processing of export link, there are issues that we need to pay attention to:

can improve the site rankings and weight in a short period of time, many workers are always in Shanghai dragon is derived using the link insatiably avaricious. For example, in the release of the chain, a large part is an article all outbound links, the low quality of the links to this website how may have a good effect? The key is, how may be issued in the form of links indexed by search engines? Shanghai Longfeng personnel should understand the export link really good is the premise of high quality based on the content, rather than simply the accumulation of links. Only in this way, our website link building have high efficiency.

article from Shanghai Shanghai dragon.

normally, you would think the more the number of outbound links is better, but the premise is that the link must be of high quality and related with the content of the website. If the export links are low quality of the chain of garbage, and the weight of the website ranking will be affected. So, in the setting of outbound links must use high quality links, so you can have a good effect on the website ranking and weighting.

is engaged in the site optimization work in Shanghai Longfeng company, more or less will have a good understanding of the web site construction. I think a lot of people know Shanghai Longfeng export link this knowledge, know the export link on the site optimization has certain advantages, but how to set up export link is best? This involves the attention problem of outbound links. In strict accordance with the attention of the export link to use these links, can make the website optimization easier and more simple.

finally, to timely inspection of export link

In order to

took Links, high weight Links can improve our website ranking and weight, but if we exchange the Links punished, then we will have a large effect on the website. So for example in the use of Links such links must be on these links to audit, away from illegal link address, to create a good environment for the link to our website.

The use of

a lot of people in the release of outbound links, not timely examination results released are dead links, so that these links not only wasted our time, and can not bring any effect to the site. Therefore, when the link must pay attention to spelling check the link is correct, if not correct links, should be timely amended.

, the first export link should pay attention to the correlation of

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