Mobile search is much more plus is what
on September 5, 2017

this is the love of Shanghai and in search of difference.

Try to do all kinds of love in the

love Shanghai PC side of the search page for 10 years did not change, then look at a quarter of the search would toss a. Estimated that many people said, oh, look for ten years, habits, or old people. But I also have something for many innovative companies, not because of love the sea so you ask others too long so long? So, we see a lot of plagiarism love Shanghai style PC search is basically dead, of course people 360 by the client, by which the other is Sogou Godfather live words.


we’ll come back to look at the search, did walk is "different way", the search interface which is not a single list, looks more like a special page of sina, but in fact this is by the users or organizations to participate in editing, sound, presented to the user in the search results. At least we can see that the relevance of search results more closely, I think this is the progress of reform. Of course, this search results may have relatively strong participants personal preference, but search technology from intervention, it looks pretty with Google knowledge map fan. And also said they have found in the audit system, will not have the loss of notarization.

search on their products. I think it is good and try to do better than the Sina portal home for ten years, this is not, even the old Chen can not stand to leave millet. However the new version of sina micro-blog also let the author really Tucao lot, here, I want to say is: change or increase the function of these are not the key, the key is to look at these features, which are love, which is not love the user.

from soso Wyatt mobile open platform conference back, search Wyatt – a mobile search search client, is a feeling, how do the search in addition to

search or search mobile search is a reflection of more intelligent search. Chen Pei found that: mobile search is a subversion of the existing web search, so mobile search search results look like a small website like, according to different categories of information the words, let the results look more plump. If you search for "tourism", you can search results in a direct purchase of trip tickets, this is the search platform related effect advocate "addition" to allow users to search, cannot do without this platform.


but I believe that better than maintaining strong


look at the love of Shanghai mobile search product, and it is PC search is a mold out of love, Shanghai, you can not copy the

believes every time this "cannot read" the company action will make you puzzled, they had what unitary moths, do not search, today the development of mobile search, on-line news reading tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the o2o function, what is more, it can directly use the virtual currency to buy drinks, this watch is not "" never say die rhythm.

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