These four years sad will tell you why do Shanghai Dragon
on September 6, 2017

some people choose Shanghai dragon because I want to improve myself, some people choose to Shanghai dragon is interested in the Internet, some people choose to Shanghai dragon is to enhance their product sales, and the author chooses Shanghai dragon in addition to love the Internet, more is the helplessness of life, to do good work, must first sharpen his tools. In the "Analects of Confucius" already know that if you want to do something, you must first put the tool grinding. The Shanghai dragon optimization is also so, but my understanding is: "want to become the first thing, the standard." Listen to me from the factory to make Shanghai Longfeng sad for four years.

I can’t let my site so only myself, so I try to how to make their sites have more people to get more traffic, so as to come into contact with the Shanghai dragon such an industry, Shanghai Dragon Technology Web site to the search engine ranking page through keywords, is a natural flow. I value most. And this is a technical thing, as long as the master can do, but also can be used in different industry, because every industry needs traffic on the Internet. This is just to be.

three. Pain and joy in the process of Shanghai dragon

. Follow the trend, numerous wall

said Shanghai dragon, I was directly to an online class, that was four years ago (remember like 2012), I was.

in early 2012, I with the Internet site development slowly began to understand the Internet to make money the way, I was inside the factory is not a small general staff, maybe my interest on the network, maybe my heart is not complacent, where I was when I gave myself a roadmap later, I want to develop mutual network.

from the confusion

I opened the shop soon turned off, they do not know Taobao shop, no real line docking, so this was the end of the. Later I learned that advertising, said to sell a website to hang advertising can automatically make money, so I bought a website for good advertising alliance, the commission only their own website to click, no one to my website inside, the lack of traffic entrance.

two. To find new export

but the idea is good, reality will always make you think of. At that time some Wangzhuan fire is a hook, a code, a single brush and Taobao Mobile Recharge Card and so on, I had a successful heart to do a lot, every day as tired as a dog, once the largest investment is to buy a prepaid phone software, mobile phone card recharge Taobao, opened a shop, the result is also what a few friends to give a face in my shop to buy, did not earn a penny does not say, but also to the loss of more than 500 yuan (buy software money). Now I know that Taobao had to sell virtual recharge recharge software is the people who buy profitable, with me to buy a prepaid card is not a concept.

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