What factors affect the user experience of the website
on September 6, 2017

1, suddenly sounded music website, when you open a site. Loud music, let a person very easily frightened. May the user is relatively quiet love internet environment, but this is not suitable for the music disrupted the user experience, users can’t even find off music, then directly simply to shut down the site.

video with a large number of pages do not

5, page confuse, advertising is very large, the key content of the forum is very small, the user is to look at the content, rather than advertising, there is no need to advertise a very conspicuous, large occupied area. Should prioritize, focus on the layout should be better than advertising.

7, in order to optimize and optimize the site layout, almost all is the text of the website, looks very dull, should give the user some illustrations, visual, video and Flash picture text reasonable collocation.

the user experience of the website is every webmaster friends must pay attention to, it directly affects the bounce rate in the website, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we should pay attention to what? Now I as a netizen said, factors affecting the experience of what are the

site on both sides of the ad, many sites on the left and right sides hanging banners, the user’s line of sight is affected, especially the kind of floating or flashing advertisements, always in front of Akira Akira ah, very easy to cause the user irritable mood, directly off the site. Some want to see advertising content has been blocked, although some advertising can be closed, but each refresh, or click the next page and pop-up advertising, each click close, make people feel very annoyed.

8, readable content very few websites, websites are basically some pictures, or Flash. is the most taboo is some enterprise website, if not what content readability, layout is too small and too short. The user may also stay very short.

3 site collocation not harmonious, the user opens a web site, are some bright colors, very not harmonious collocation, color makes people feel dazzling, uncomfortable feeling. The site so much, why let people see not pleasing to the

The color and structure of

6, the website open website is very slow, open web speed to more than 10S. A waste of time for users, but also reduces the degree of experience, general 10S clock did not open the site, users will directly shut down. So we must choose a stable space, the accumulation of Flash.


4, the layout is not concise website page view is very, very small font. Let the person feel very messy, not a normal website feeling, the user experience is caused by the poor directly off.


in the search engine is focus on user experience today, optimize the user experience is essential. We do not optimize to optimize, so webmaster friends must be from "


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