From the love stand ranking is importance beyond the user experience with the Shanghai Dragon
on September 7, 2017


it is easy to see that in the same weight grade, the anchor text is very important for the influence of the rankings. Therefore, when we are in the construction of the chain, the design of the anchor text should be closely linked with the keywords ranking, strength in numbers, plus a small amount of the chain anchor text keywords suitable, can achieve good.

recently opened the station will always love being snubbed, often not open or query Caton events. Begin to doubt their own speed slow, but with the speed of the site query tools, learned of love station space problem. The following picture is very clear, love station can not access the situation of regional.

, the server is not stable

if the chain can determine the ranking, is clearly wrong, the chain webmaster helper nets is the three worst, but ranked over love station ranked second. Of their anchor text can see very clearly.

first look at them in love Shanghai rank:

2, the anchor text chain in






chain is very important factors to affect the ranking, because the site is a tool kind of website itself does not have much capacity, therefore, the role of the chain is self-evident.

webmaster tools is the industry every day will use the tools, since the Shanghai dragon, will be the birth of the webmaster tools. Webmaster tools, love stand is more famous, because he love Shanghai in the query keywords ranking has been relatively favorable tools; second is provided by Chinaz webmaster tools, has been providing stable and diversified services; another is the webmaster helper network, provide the query and more and more species. Three Internet tools website, analysis their ranking, can also help us to understand the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization method in a certain extent. Love stand for up to a year, with the Shanghai love weight query with many celebrities, winning the "Webmaster Tools" ranked the first position, but the recent ranking has undergone a subtle change.

Anchor text

to see love station Shanghai Longfeng optimize the existing problems:

webmaster helper network is very unified, basically all is "webmaster tools".

The anchor text

love stand the mess, "love" "webmaster" and "love network" and so on.

now, love station has lagged behind the two old Shanghai dragon tools site, as the exclusive love Shanghai weight inquiry website advantage is not, ranking frequently beyond is not occasional, for popular keywords large flow, the love of Shanghai at the time of processing is not casual.

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