The 300 page of the anchor text chain 5 years love Shanghai is still 1 weight of corn
on September 8, 2017

we do not believe, can go to the site to see him enter website, absolutely all links to the home page, click on the ads not cheat, advertising is a dog. (in fact, there are many words above are long tail keywords, can link to the page, the inside pages do ranking, can also reduce the traces of excessive optimization)


station stack and excessive optimization

and I just discussed a pen pal website, that is a typical, decided to share out, should be able to help those who often due to webmaster direction. The author of this website to be analyzed below is a network company website, the domain name has 5 years of history, the chain has more than 60 thousand, also included hundreds of. As Figure 1 and Figure 2

for example when he was outside the chain of a page content with a number of different keywords to the same page. This is not desirable, generally on the same page outside the chain, if you want to leave the anchor text, basically at most 2-3 anchor text pointing to the same page, most of his chain are several, even some dozen different keywords pointing to a page. As shown in Figure 4 below

also pictured above the URL web page, N appears on the right side of a plurality of different keywords to link his home page, as shown in Figure 8 shows the

we know the station exchange Links is good to bad, because the total exchange Links, weight is derived, the station had only export weights to the home, now the station link will also reduce the weight of the home page, to see how to grasp the degree and find a suitable object exchange. Exchange links not only related to weight or weight gain, equivalence, home will be lower than that of the original.

this site in accordance with the theory, the minimum weight should be 2, the weight is 1. When the author of his website, found that the following points, the fundamental causes of this phenomenon leads to absolute.

of the anchor text chain belong to excessive optimization


but he has almost 300 or so home page anchor text of the chain, as shown in Figure 3:

total station exchange Links over


as shown in Figure 6 and Figure 7 in the bottom of the page of the station has been over here related to his friendship, covering his own keywords and links to the home page, the number is too large, so obviously belong to excessive optimization.

you can go to see his website, 60% articles are copied, so the above mentioned included and the chain contrast is very big. As we know, no matter what the original site, the more the better, at least the original proportion is more than the proportion of reproduction, but also to a lot more than. For example, the station of article 1000, at least 80% of the 15% original, pseudo original, not only.


copy the contents over

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