Shanghai dragon in addition to flow can bring you what
on September 8, 2017

a few years ago, I can say is do not know of any program, at that time, an old master sneered and said to me: "you do not understand the program do stand why? I was only bow speechless! But, I now I can rise to the old owners said:" I can be a a few hundred dollars to do the site, less than a year can receive 1 million yuan ". Do the procedure may be 10 years 8 years will not be able to earn 500 thousand. This is why I want to learn and learn the Wangzhuan program of Shanghai dragon road.


, I and many webmaster in chat, some of the owners, the new owners, they often ask me the words: Shanghai dragon in addition to flow can bring you what? Business? Conversion rate??? The answers are undeniably established but is more important! Is……

before I run a forum website, every day there are 100 thousand IP traffic, the traffic brought to all the answers for me is. Some owners here may ask you to stand? Why not write? This is the people often said: "people are afraid of fame, afraid of high tree". If, now I write my forum, believe it will not be a malicious K in a few days. At this time, I want to write more is how I will flow from zero to 100 thousand IP

Shanghai dragon is difficult, here thanks to understand the "book" a day to earn 500 yuan, it is with me on the road: "do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan not to own what will not, can you please finish it." this is to understand the meaning of it. Is the core of "Shanghai dragon and Wangzhuan marrow", is this sentence inspired me, I fully understand the meaning of understand, fully understand the core of "bone marrow wangzhuan". So, just for a few hundred dollars please do a forum to Wangzhuan road.

can be said that a few years ago very good website ranking, slightly understand some of Shanghai Longfeng sites have ranked and profit. But a few years ago without a formal Shanghai dragon training institutions, all rely on their own way out, at that time, I was with two computer one day stop site using bulk mail to attract traffic, estimate the day can bring thousands of IP traffic to 10000 but these are not our flow the goal of these traffic flow in the website browsing brought by PV is not high, the flow quickly disappeared, and the flow may not have back. I was confused, stop using the method to bring traffic, but we know: whether it is making them love Shanghai, Google as the search engine rules: if a search result (or site) are often user clicks, the search engine will think this result (or site) to solve the needs of the vast majority of users, solve the problem of the more users, the search engine is the end result of the love search website and search engine rankings will set the results". This is what I wrote before in A5 webmaster net article, "Shanghai dragon"


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