How to control the chain to enhance the site weight
on September 9, 2017


chain, is an essential part of site operation, but also a number of Shanghai dragon friends choose common way to improve the ranking. At present, the effective site outside the chain of high quality has won a lot of ways, but we should note that we love Shanghai in the domestic website face search engine, so we must have to pay attention to love Shanghai weight rule to a certain extent, not blindly the chain of grant. The chain has an important purpose, and the purpose is to enhance the site’s weight, so as to achieve the effect we want to pursue. How to effectively improve the site outside the chain of high quality

industry portal site outside the chain (pure text links)

at the forum to do outside the chain is many webmaster friends are love, but often have a lot of friends ignore the chain operation excellence, and so many friends choose forum is blind, professional is not strong. When we were in the forum operation must strictly control the good, we must consider the correlation, stability, weight problems when looking for potential resources, there is correlation, related to your own industry forum, because the correlation is strong, that you do the chain is more effective, and stability is that you do the chain is not able to get the forum that he will not delete your chain, the chain once the number of deleted, then you may have done, the site will love Shanghai into the sandbox, fast weeks later a few months, the weight of this because the weight is very important, when we consider the forum resources collection must understand how to query a web site, as long as the chain in high weight site issued, in order to enhance the effective self Has the weight, this is what we often say "free ride".

The The first page of the

related industry chain forum (anchor text or text)


in the above paragraph, mentioned the site outside the chain of high quality practice there are many, here today simply introduce some of our commonly used method, we effectively outside the chain of high quality according to the way. Following a brief analysis to improve several analysis:


industry portal site outside the chain, the chain is usually pure text properties, that is we often say the information platform, at present a lot of industries.

this is a matter of basic every webmaster friends will do, but this is very important, to a certain extent, is the most direct manifestation of the weight, so how do the home Links? When we were Links exchange, snapshot, must look at the other sites included, how much weight as well as the friends of the chain is itself distributed weight. Another approach is to buy Links, here are generally one-way, to high weight website for high quality Links purchase, to a certain degree can quickly enhance the website weight target keywords website ranking.


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