Love Shanghai station batch K please note the content of the website construction
on September 9, 2017

Wang Shifan believes that the quality is not good, then the high update frequency is of no use. Because the update frequency and the content of the website who is more important in the test, Wang Shifan believed that high quality web content, can overcome all of the theory. Treat yourself to the customer site, is not updated regularly. Insist on a day to help their original high quality content, and then spend a day to update the site, as a result, not only the working pressure is not big enough, but also the effect of leverage.

so, as in the enterprise website, we update the content, need to pay attention to what the problem?

the announcement, even warned us, must start from the content of the website, make the best of website content even love Shanghai are reluctant to K

2, like the vampire, to absorb competitors site advantage.

how to absorb the competitor’s content advantage? We can start from the following points! First, collect 10 excellent peer website, tabulate. Then, we start from the website the 10 counterparts, they find the updated content, classify, and see their material characteristics, according to the characteristics of the data source update to find them. Finally, carry on their pseudo original articles, such a pseudo original quality will be extracted from 10 articles in quality, as can be imagined.

3. digital library, is not a universal treasure.

1, competition of family background, fight mother, don’t fight the update frequency.


believes that too many friends Shanghai dragon in the use of digital library to update the content for your website, always think it all things are the content of the construction of fix. This attitude is wrong. Because the Shanghai dragon competition, resulting in too many digital library books by the Shanghai dragon.

summary, peer website, there are two points available: on the one hand, through their website, find the source. On the other hand, will be the site of their contents, classify the pseudo original.


July 2nd, Shanghai finally announced the official love in June 22nd and June 28th, explain the bulk K station main reasons: low quality content, seriously affect the user experience of the website have been unable to escape the fate of K. Faced with this explanation, it is worth our reflection. A business, a company needs to go on long-term development, is the need of user support, no matter what the Internet companies are like this. Love is the understanding that this sea, only butchers crazy K station, rectify the search engine content, enhance the user experience, retain users for their own benefit. Here is Wang Shifan to say, K friends do not have to worry about, just need to conscientiously do content, improve website content quality, have a good user experience, can let the site back to life.

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