How to treat the once popular love Shanghai after Shanghai dragon software upgrade algorithm
on September 9, 2017

content acquisition algorithm or software is not difficult, more commonly used on.


3, content acquisition software

software is a powerful weapon for our liberation in the hands of Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng, work very much, such as update articles, release the chain, ranking query and so on are repeated work, a reasonable use of software. However, the popular software can do more than these, but focus on opportunistic Shanghai dragon, along with love Shanghai, these software features just became the object of love against Shanghai. Today to comment on several common Shanghai Phoenix software:


chain is one of the two major websites in Shanghai Longfeng content, even Shanghai dragon is the chain that the hot topic of mass software is developed in recent years. Take the company as an example, the 10 year, stand the blog group, bugs software, almost everybody has a dark horse blog. This kind of software is usually the slogan is "automatic wheel chain", you can post on the Web2.0 website, blog, forum, comment, dating. Once a group of optimized company stand in this way, rankings are very strong, but in a love Shanghai big update K was injured all over the body. At this point, realized the software always is not a permanent solution, a lot of people in the use of things will surely lead to love Shanghai.

2, pseudo original software

how to use mass software? Whether English station or Chinese station, in fact there are still many Shanghai dragon in the use of Er, we can see more foreign Shanghai dragon forum, even search the world’s first noble baby engine technology can not completely meet the chain group. We see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng expert are self-developed software, low-key to make money, this is a way. If you are buying the software products, then you need to strictly control the amount of natural, chain and software chain ratio; in addition, you are not to detect the mass of the chain, must be through the mass law, so the software of the chain link forms as you need to pay attention to the problem.

chain said, the next step is to content. The pseudo original software has been used, but the research on the principle. One of the earliest pseudo original tool basically is to disturb the order, or from a combination of several articles from different passages. This way out of date. Good software should be based on keeping the readability of the search engine, confused. English pseudo original software TheBestSpinner has swept the world, the main method is used to replace synonyms, appropriate according to the grammatical principle change order, you can receive the original good results. Unfortunately, we use the Chinese characters is broad and profound, is also a synonym replacement method, changing the word order, get out of the article can’t read, Chinese, replace the words need to consider the context and semantics, stiff sentence replacement software as the primary composition.

No matter in the preparation of

1, the chain group software

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