Why do love Shanghai and not to highlight the value of free rules
on September 9, 2017

blog is a web search for love Shanghai’s infringement, this two days has been in legal documents, and the negotiation of Shanghai love, very difficult, promised a friend column has not written until yesterday (August 12th) questioned to love Shanghai "to" a letter sent out to sit in the evening front of the computer for hours, has been in no mood to write, just mechanically codeword, ultimately did not update the blog.

is based on this understanding, from the blog I clung to the start line, "if you are not sincere, not touching" writing idea, constantly study hard expert work, thinking hard constantly, to keep watch all night to write, write.

thank you!

yes, that "a cloth array, holding banners in perfect order" rights is very tired, and I am not discussing the chrysanthemum. But I have no way, I had to do it, because I was not entirely for these articles to pay how much effort — in fact, most of my posts are very poor, many articles I see also feel blush.

I know, since Ma Alibaba, free mode became popular in the network China circles, has not changed. We all hope that through the "free service" as their website selling point, to win more customers for their own.

but because: "no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, I have to use such means of protection, so users and search engines to realize: use my free articles and rules, not how to use how to use the.


and the current China network most so-called "free" and "free service" is not the value of the "pseudo free", that is "free" is only self deceiving self deceit, users on these sites can only be a waste of time, there will be no harvest.

this is the second time I love Shanghai because of the blog copyright and "harmony", is the last love of Shanghai library, I love Shanghai Post issued, library staff take the initiative to contact me, all I did not add the original source of the article links according to the provisions of the Shanghai love library documents deleted, I will provide the

this time many friends remind me, people don’t really, rensili, forget it! It is the network of several articles, love Shanghai people is a "Big Mac" buhaore. You have what the actual loss, if in the end he lost a lot of money, even for errors of judgement by love Shanghai counterclaim, really is not worth it.

but I know better: no charge is not equal to the free, "free" and "free" and "pseudo free", because free to a wider range to promote their own brands or other valuable goods and services, their own part (or all) valuable services (goods) free of charge for people to use.

to Shanghai "love letter" to send out the question, finally finished something

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