Why is lost immediately and Pangu development opportunities
on September 9, 2017

brand awareness and market control, immediate and Pangu is obviously not very good. We all know that Pangu high-rise from airborne, and general manager of the immediate is table tennis world champion Fernando Deng Ya Ping. Although Deng in the field of sports has made remarkable achievements, but in the Internet field, she also can only be said to be a bystander. The two company’s senior leaders are not the Internet development gene, it does make the operation process there are a lot of bad products. In fact, in the current market environment, Shanghai’s dominance now compared to love too much, no one wants to do a search company must from the difference in hand, but Pangu and instantly apparently didn’t follow this law, to carry out research and development of "comprehensive search instead of relying on existing resources, more immediate tangled, it hired the chief scientific Engineer in addition to the technical problems immediately, also doing part-time and so on, and the two seemingly perfect cooperation relationship allows the development day after full of uncertainty.

In addition to the

is to rebuild the brand image should be immediately thought of Pangu and instantly after the development of bad strategy, because in the current market environment, China users have most don’t know this for a Pangu, want to do is search product is a joke, then you should immediately take immediate and Pangu this "opportunity" immediately change, contribute to the open Internet, through the practice of the exploration of the Internet, the use of government relations, promote China Internet more open and more healthy, so as to improve their image in the hearts of the people, to lay the foundation for long-term development. But Pangu and instantly do not, until now still > immediately

some time ago and instantly search Pangu merger rumors do not know if you noticed, although it has yet to a conclusion, but we can still feel the two companies in the search market is irretrievable really, look at the little market share, I think any one of the managers will not consider themselves in this market also has what meaning to persist. If you really like the rumors that, after the merger will be the main business to other, that is also a reason to give up, but the development of the environment at that time, the two companies go now this step is indeed a pity.

in fact, in my opinion, Pangu and instantly there are opportunities in the initial operation, especially the government resources. It is worth to take advantage of. Especially immediately, the giant backed by people贵族宝贝.cn information sources, immediately can force information in the media, to create one of their own channels of information, without fear of the relevant departments invited to tea. But the two companies are too believe that the market for search products containing, too believe that astepping-stone to success is all the work of the government resources. With this advantage, and did not take advantage of immediate and Pangu, but is far away, focuses on the development of a comprehensive search, in the current market environment, love Shanghai and Google has done pretty well, plus the immediate and Pangu although government backing, but suffer from no real traffic entrance, this that operation of strategic failure.

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