Shanghai dragon Er can not know the source of soft material
on September 10, 2017

, a source of news kind of soft Wen

we usually in the newspapers, magazines, Sina, NetEase and other daily portal to see all kinds of news, among them, there are many press release is to promote a brand as the theme, the main manifestation of this is the soft.

three, interview soft material sources

industry consulting website, books, journals and other industries will have a lot of professional soft Wen interview, there are many online video interview information, the information collected, and their related content from practice, then cleverly into the value of their products or brand, this way it has a great effect on the promotion of their products or brand.


five and other soft

source of

love Shanghai, baby, Sina, NetEase and other nobles have very good news source, as long as pay more attention to find the current hot news material. Combined with the demands of their products and their views through the material, but the article written by these news sources should pay attention to emotional expression, not arrogant, irritable, write negative, inconsistent with the reality of speech, it should be a rational analysis to the positive direction of comments, and we should pay attention to conceal their product information to enhance the readability of the text. News newspaper can also be used as the source material, for our reference.

interview soft text through interviewing deeply into all aspects of brand publicity information.

two, the story of soft Wen



forum and blog text types commonly used this cause the topic, we should observe the more successful cases, summarized from multilateral learning, especially to pay more attention to the celebrity blog, follow celebrity learning, you have stepped out of the first step to becoming a celebrity. The magazine also has this kind of soft material.

industry websites, industry forums, books, publications and other industries have more comment on kind of soft material, the professional personnel is more, we should observe, think and summary, only in this way can we carry out more accurate material, can produce high quality soft wen.

and news soft soft Wen less compared to review of the incident, more focused on the ideas and fully certified paper.

four, kind of soft Wen comments

this is a soft Wen form many writers often use, make a moving, funny and exaggerated story, the brand with the climax of the story, or the story will become one of the essential, to strengthen the brand publicity.

soft is an important form of web content, its importance is self-evident, but how to get the soft material has plagued a lot of Shanghai dragon Er, idsem team member Lv Shifeng will share the soft material source:

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