Sina micro blog Sina portal website at the end
on September 10, 2017

portal website Public opinions are divergent.

Sina April Fool’s Day is not a fool, this revision of the 15 years of portal page, this portal increased connectivity channels micro-blog language blog, Sina to complete the closed loop on the product. Sina portal home to remain unchanged for 15 years, finally in order to please the user and change; Alibaba group "the integration of small and beautiful", the Tencent’s products on the complete closed loop closed loop, Sina also from April Fool’s day finished products, products of the three pillars of sina: portal, blog, micro-blog, three represents an era, they have represented the scenery, but I still feel too late, when micro-blog’s fierce offensive, it should be connected with the blog, the loop and portal, until now mature products through to do this thing, obvious vision or inferior compared with Tencent.

micro-blog Internet many people know that Du Hongyi is brought up, and Du Hong in three months at the helm of sina portal after resolutely on the first impression of the Sina portal portal website, after the revision is personalized, socializing, and then think of the Du experience, will make people feel portal is a feature with a Du micro-blog. There is no denying the fact that Du Hong in the portal, the portal to a way of thinking and change the way of thinking, let more portal net, but also consider on the other hand, do a large website people should know, a website must consider many things, will never be two or three months to complete, early there are a lot of communication and research departments, communication and so on will remove a lot of time, so no matter whether Du in the portal, the portal Sina revision is inevitable, this is the author’s point of view; and Du Hong at the helm with nominal leadership, will make the revision now look out of doors. < >

also do not know to have a person with an idea that I love when a Sina product to the bottom in order to seek development, the era of portal sina is giant, Sina rely on advertising portal grow; blog era is still a giant Sina, even though micro-blog still has a lot of blog to inspire awe throughout the country, loyal the user, although recently Chinese bokee贵族宝贝 close to blog a big blow for Sina, but micro-blog is affected, but it will not be great, no Sina blog has a Sina micro-blog in the micro-blog era, Sina hold; micro-blog now is to kill the Tencent micro-blog, micro-blog’s great potential for the future Tencent Sina, micro-blog will no longer seek greater changes will be after the Tencent is sooner or later things. Perhaps someone will say to Sina has been in micro-blog’s profit, but in the end is not successful, how to say, sina is a bit like love Shanghai, love Shanghai to do a lot of e-commerce attempt is more and more lost, in the Sina blog, profit mode in micro-blog above development is the same, maybe it is not that the gene might be the problem, who knows.

write the revision of the Sina portal now comes a bit late, so I also only as one of the two points I want to write an article today to express it.

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