The correct wording of the title of the website
on September 11, 2017

is the title of the site users in search of a keyword must be compared to the contents of the user from the title selected to meet the requirements of their own website to browse, so the title of good and bad, directly affect our website traffic. Therefore, the title of the site is very important, I come to you all that the correct wording of the title.

set. I put forward a new view: key words in the title if mutual attraction, can obtain the user clicks. For example, such a title: LED |led |led advertising vehicle advertising vehicle advertising vehicle – Cheng Li media, in this title, LED advertising vehicle advertising with LED car, LED car advertising their expression is a concept, but also is not the same, they are attractive, and like the title behind: LED advertising vehicle | wrecker | sewage suction truck | high pressure cleaning vehicle | bulk feed car, LED car wrecker and between advertising they are exclusive, because users buy LED car advertising people do not like to buy the wrecker, no necessary link between them, thus has the exclusive. If the user wants to buy LED car advertising, all the contents of your website in addition to LED advertising vehicle related, there is a disturbance to the users.

The 2. Title keywords

3. words of the title. We suggest your title keywords don’t more than 20. >

The position of

1. brand keywords. The title is the weight we entire site is the highest place in the title, we can put our target keywords (popular point is Shanghai dragon brand word) and the name of our company, of course, some brands like company because the scope is so broad, unable to set the target keywords, because they will have certain brand effect only the brand to replace words, of course, this kind of company brand is a special case, we start from our general small site. We used medium enterprise title has two brands: Word + target keywords, there is a target keyword + brand keywords. The two way once caused the so-called "Shanghai dragon masters" hot, of course, this is each one according to his lights, there is no exact answer, concrete analysis of concrete problems. If a company in the industry have a certain visibility, so we can be the best position of our brand word in the title in the title the front. But if we have a very small influence in the industry, there is no formation of brand effect, then we recommend the brand keywords at the back of the title. Because this involves resource maximization, the title is the key words in front of the weight, it gets higher, this is logical, browsing habits of people is from left to right, and the focus is the title of the website users on the left. Brand keywords so we do not need to tangle web end to put in place, this is not the only answer.

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