NetEase launched a low profile mpressionist website alliance
on February 26, 2017

February 1, 2010, one of China’s three major portals NetEase launched a low profile Impressionist website alliance, which is launched by China’s NetEase, another major league. This news is that I recently logged in NetEase blog to see, publicity is very low-key, only to the blog station SMS notification to the user.

Impressionist website alliance application is very convenient, almost no threshold. As long as you have their own websites, blogs, online, can apply for advertising alliance, the Commission is calculated according to the printed price 10%, accumulated over 50 yuan to pay, those in the domestic league is relatively rare. Payment platform is its own R & D NetEase treasure.

the union is currently providing image advertising, text ads, material downloads in three ways, many advertising styles, beautiful pictures, beautiful text, the user can choose a lot of room. If you have a website, you can hang pictures and text ads; if you have a NetEase blog, in the blog can add a new dress in the module, directly into the image or text advertising code; if you have a shop, can be used to download the images, text published in the shop are impressionist. Through the above three ways can earn commission.

my pony home site and NetEase blog are recently linked to the NetEase Impressionist website alliance advertising code. In this winter, the Internet is not easy to make money. But I will wait and see, after all, NetEase is a trusted company, should not let the user disappointed.

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