Most of the June 21st Shanghai website snapshot of love
on September 12, 2017

this article is just to give you a belated effort, thinking only, a smile can be seen friends. In June 21st 16 o’clock, Shanghai began to love many website snapshot file (what is snapshot). Today is to bear about analysis maps antecedents and consequences, not.

many people blindly worship Shanghai dragon master, or serious contempt for the so-called Shanghai dragon master, but in fact really understand Shanghai dragon people, these are too short. All the technology is in practice, all the experience and practice, and is important if you observe (if you want to improve the site snapshot, can see this love Shanghai snapshot slow do). The above pull away, after all, everyone is covered only, just have the skillful master. Carefully observe the friend believed to have four aspects can be proposed from the above findings bear some minor problems. If you don’t understand, then please see below.

1, all industries appear snapshot situation (do website snapshot);

2, the date for June 8th, the correction about 9

1, since all industries have emerged in the snapshot, so the most important problem, don’t worry about your website is love Shanghai punishment, the so-called law is not responsible for the public;

original article, please indicate.

3, this part of the site every day have included, and update;

The ;

2, from the date of filing before and after No. 8, No. 9 in Shanghai last week love big update, whether it is love itself Shanghai database, so that part of the site to the last data correction;

, 3 sites have updated, every day there are included, whether related to your website snapshot or correction of the quality of the article, how to add your new look similarity;

, 4 different keywords appear different love Shanghai snapshot, this early, love Shanghai different database update time is not unified by.

, 4 different keywords appear different love Shanghai snapshots.

finally added, this article the author previously written, after the love Shanghai snapshot phenomenon has been restored, or have proved that Shanghai dragon also shows that Shanghai dragon was calm.

is not clear if friends can look at the Internet search, probably understand the situation, or to see several keywords to see home page website snapshot love Shanghai. The bear to, through the analysis and summary on the part of industry keywords, can see that several common phenomenon:

said that a lot of problems solved? The answer is no, certainly can not solve the problem. What is not in the master, when the problem is through the actual data to analysis of the problem, I also hope that the analysis will give you a thought.

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