How to make the key within two weeks into the Shanghai home of love
on September 16, 2017


because of concerns about the web site after online love Shanghai spiders without fresh rich food, I line on the site before I have prepared some all personally original articles, we must be prepared in advance, the days count you can not guarantee that every day you can have time to prepare for these articles, the original article as we all know the benefits, but to remind you of the line on the website must be updated regularly every day at least 3-5 article original or false original article a few weeks ago, because I do not need so much so personal blog update every day 1-2 article can, but the time update must be fixed, not a spider to please you, we can only take the initiative to adapt the spider’s law, as long as you have enough fresh things for him to eat, he will gradually fall in love with you on the website Don’t go.

recently made a area of the site, to record some unforgettable experiences in the work and life of the original blog. From the beginning of the establishment of the website now imperceptibly has been 2 weeks of time, the current Cangzhou the keyword Shanghai Longfeng stable ranking in Shanghai love home seventh position has been for a week, maybe someone friends will think Cangzhou was a small place easily do not much competition, but now do Shanghai dragon friends is really huge crowds of people, you can search the word Cangzhou Shanghai dragon the competition is quite fierce! So that love can be discharged into the Shanghai home that I still has a certain amount of gold, ha ha. Well, now I say less idle for a week to put into the secret key words emerge in its totality home page

on the choice of the domain name, my choice is the old name, before doing this website, I now use the domain name has been done in Cangzhou local area, the domain name itself has some weight plus there is a certain relation between the area of keywords, has been I do this site before Cangzhou Shanghai Dragon love Shanghai also maintained a daily updated snapshot, so the weight of the website can deliver good, we can look at my website snapshot 1-2 must be updated, so everyone in the station before the domain name must choose some old domain name, because the old domain name itself has a certain weight will also have some chain and the related domain of accumulation, so use the old domain of the station building will be more easily recognized by search engines, the website rankings and included will achieve a multiplier effect.

on the road, only with you.

also note that the site must do some planning for a rainy day, and I like many novice friends always give yourself making big goals, in fact completely unnecessary, as long as we start from every little bit trivial, uninterrupted stick will produce tremendous power, the most important thing is to do a lot of friends Dripping water wears through a stone. perseverance, is down in the way, give up halfway is not worth it, everything before have come to nothing, in fact as long as your goals firmly go, success will be waving to you in the distance.

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