The essence of the basic content is higherJoin the Sogou alliance traffic and money win win
on September 16, 2017

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so, owners sometimes don’t blindly to collect, and then do SEO, now the site such as ants, how to let the user site more interested in you, the substance is the key to good content to retain the user can earn money.


Sogou site navigation http://s.123.sogou Sogou web site navigation site, a considerable amount of traffic per day.

now join the Sogou alliance and work with the Sogou Alliance for more than a month, you can contact the League administrator to join Sogou site navigation related matters, to achieve a win-win site traffic and money.

station, understand the point of technology to be a friend just a few hours, but webmasters often collected after the lost, not to the site management basic is tantamount to waste, whether it is formal station or garbage station, to management, including the content of the web site. A lot of repeated collection of content on the network is very high, if there is no certain changes to the content of the collection, your keyword ranking always others in the row behind the title, emphasizing the substantial content is higher the basic is that we should not only at certain modifications to the collection the content of your site, but also know what content meets the user’s appetite, let your PV increased, Money increased.

The above content feeds from the www.meinv86 station !

now, many webmaster can share a slice of the network, but more points less problems. How can you make more money? Everyone wants to count the money and get cramps. The garbage station is the quickest way to get it.

, distinguished League owners, everyone:

welcome new and old Adsense join Sogou alliance, common development.

Tel: 010-62728351

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