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on February 26, 2017

lead: U.S. tech blog The Next Web published Sunday, data analysis firms co-founder and chief technology officer Andrew · Mongolia Talonguard (Andrew Montalenti) of the pedicle. This paper discusses entrepreneurial company survival skills, including the addition in a large number of ideas in the recruitment of enthusiastic colleagues to work, and not too concerned about the competitors.

below is the full text of the article:

well-known investor Paul · (Paul Graham) will be defined as the growth of start-up companies machine. There is no doubt that seeking growth is an important part of the development process.

, however, growth is only one aspect of entrepreneurship. If the growth rate is too fast, then the start-up companies will "explode". If the wrong direction, then the development will only bring failure. If the growth rate is too slow, then it will lose to competitors.

so, how are you going to "correct" development? As long as the development of faster than competitors? To ensure that the development speed in the controllable range, so that all the people are concerned about the correct target? How to make sure you take the first step in the approach to the


give up the idea

to make sure you don’t go wrong, you need to let go of the idea that your ideas are important.

idea needs to be data points, or that of the layout restrictions and fetters. Some ideas are not worth achieving, and are valuable only when the idea is "worth it". Startups need to spend a lot of time asking the question, "is it worth it?"

startups need to give up some ideas quickly and decisively. If a funeral is held for every thought that is killed, the last funeral is to start a business. It’s common for startups to give up some ideas, but sometimes it can confuse the entrepreneur or the morale. But most of your ideas will eventually be abandoned, sometimes even the whole idea.

"good" ideas don’t always pay off, only "testable" ideas. Entrepreneurs need to be able to test the way to put forward ideas, and then test it, but also to prove that the success of the test is not lucky.

there are a lot of people in the business world, but you don’t want them to work in your company. People who have the idea that the most important thing they create is the idea, but the idea of start-up companies abound, not rare. The idea is that it needs to be abandoned.

The fact that

has only the last saved idea makes sense. When an idea is preserved, it also needs to face the most severe environment, and the end result may be very wonderful.

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