ntelligent mobile car rental platform Cabulous A round of financing 8 million
on February 26, 2017


count, the use of LBS and intelligent statistics system and create a new car model, should be second. The first report is a Israel Corp GetTaxi, similar to the Cabulous model, but it is serving in the NewYork area. Here we look at the status of the platform Cabulous.

Cabulous is a SanFrancisco in a taxi dispatching platform, they announced the day before the A $8 million round of financing news. At present, the company has 15 employees, can be described as a small team, great potential stocks. Cabulous taxi scheduling mobile platform now includes multiple versions of Apple’s iOS system and Android System Download services. Operation is simple: after the user registration, see the map of the ant type of moving objects is every empty taxi. Users simply need to enter the phone number and specific location can wait for the arrival of the taxi. Users can choose to pay in cash, but also through the Cabulous company’s application card, flexible and convenient.

let’s take a look at the taxi company’s help:

1 visualization of vehicle management, improve the company’s empty driving management (50% of the taxi in the empty state)

2 provides an update for the second time of 6, accepting the booking, diversifying the consumer’s choice

3 meet without limit and transportation

pick up

4 increased the number of customers by adding new passengers to


5 combines a walkie talkie, send request information to the driver, improve the information docking.

intelligent mobile car platform Cabulous, not only increased consumer choice of new users, not only in the book in the telephone consultation and website; and improve the efficiency of taxi companies, increasing the overall revenue. So convenient and intelligent way to rent a new car, it is inevitable that the pain has been suffering in the hearts of consumers in the ranks of the car rental yearning, we also hope that this model can take root in china.

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