Taobao to find the right direction Wangzhuan guest
on February 26, 2017

now Taobao guest Wangzhuan wind overwhelming, various training team like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared in our business. Each tutorial is the most inspiring words "Wangzhuan actually is not difficult, but why we still feel it is difficult to make money online? Simply did not find the right direction. So, Taobao needs a few guest Wangzhuan direction clear what:

1 choose the right product, do the right thing. A lot of people have been asking me, why did I do a half a year of Taobao off, there is no other people to do more than two months, it is actually very simple, in the choice of the product is not good enough to grasp. In general, Taobao customers to do a good job, is to choose a relatively high unit price, and relatively few competing products. In the case of a regular station, the choice of a single product of at least 20 yuan, Baidu home rivals less products, easier to achieve profitability.

2 don’t focus on things that are not necessary. Just contact for Wangzhuan, Wangzhuan looks difficult, many unknown areas need to explore and practice. So there are a lot of people have been on how to buy space domain name, how to build and how to modify the template on the issue of wandering. I met a lot of new friends in the group, kept asking how to modify the WP sidebar, how to add the site statistics and other issues, even after 1~2 weeks can see them ask these questions. For this half of the time, some people have been able to experience a few words to do the home page. Time wasted, not see the effect.

3 believe you can succeed, you must persevere. In the group for more than half a year’s time, I saw a lot of people give up the Taobao guest, the reason is not to earn money. They are a common reason is not to go on, do not see the results for some time to give up. In depth exchanges and they later, I found that they have a lot of good ideas, always do so will certainly make money, but they are for different reasons, like K station, PR decreased for less than Links and give up, really, if can insist, now would not return philippines. From this, I believe that their choice, I believe they can succeed, perseverance will succeed.

4 do not one-sided superstition software. This is a typical example. There is a group of young people in the occasional to see a powerful group of software, do all the work is to use mass software non-stop mass. Later, the effect can be imagined, Baidu and Google included more and more unsatisfactory, less and less traffic, and finally can not go on. Tool is to assist people to work, not to replace the work of others, with a good is a powerful boost, but the use of bad often counterproductive. Working with software is a good thing to face up to the auxiliary role of the software, not superstitious software, will do more long-term.

in the end, Wangzhuan is the right direction + choose the right direction unremittingly, plus unremittingly to do so will be successful. Finally, given the vast number of Wangzhuan friends words, the spirit of "

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