magine the dating site 1 billion yuan industrial scale of 3 users to break 100 million years
on February 26, 2017

Some institutions predict that by 2008 China’s online dating users will exceed 110 million, the market revenue will be close to $1 billion

"Jiayuan" website is a founder in the Fudan University white-collar dating sites, the total number of members currently has more than 360 thousand people.

"we engage in two such collective activities in Shanghai on average in January, once the largest number was up to 1200 people." Jiayuan website owners Gong Haiyan told the "first financial daily". 2 years ago, it is known as "Helen of Troy" Gong Haiyan established a dating website during the graduate student, so she and her husband met.

from date to love

in the new network before the young man, Chinese mate network mainly rely on kinship, geopolitical and industry margin. The most rely on their parents or elders, relatives, neighbors and with geopolitical matchmaking, karma is mainly between colleagues and students to introduce each other. No matter what kind of network

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