Taobao guest N how to make money easy to do
on February 26, 2017

think this topic is a coincidence, the day before yesterday to see the comments. Taobao guest N many people are doing how to make money? Because they also do their own out there to talk about his own views for many people in the guest N in Taobao to do when how to make a plan.

, a guest to do all. Single product promotion does not abandon!

first, I think we can not unilaterally think it difficult to do a single product promotion, do guest is to be comprehensive, now mom offered several promotion plan, single product promotion also among them, but a single product to a single product is not you really special to do the same, which is not desirable, for example my guest site classification planning, single product promotion can be placed in a small column, so that you can do to promote a more comprehensive and N promotion plan all is not lost. This is the Tao guest should do

two, do regional promotion

a lot of Taobao is thinking about how to build good customer more widely promote their Tao products, post a lot of deleted N, link being known as the virus did not look in the end, busy for a long time or gray lose confidence.

and in the vast network of the sea to find the forum or business, to promote their own local do it, such as the Zhenjiang city where I – about 2 million 700 thousand of the population, this is a relatively large market, I find a good local maximum BBS in the corresponding forum post, pay attention to not cut hair, not much hair, the contents of carefully selected meet forum users, as I Zhenjiang Amoy in the local network is first, so that something new is easy to attract the attention of everyone. Coupled with the local advantages of the website (the nearest principle well) as long as you put the popularity of the website publicity out so soon become local Tao wang.

three, Amoy network SEO

when it comes to the construction site, SEO is one of the core topics here want to talk about oneself to Amoy net SEO ideas, I think we do guest program is nothing more than the several 1 guest API program, one is Ali mother code provided there is a few of their own development, I don’t talk about Tao the API program provides, specifically talk about Ali mother code do because a lot of people just take others do change PID to put up such a bad mother are provided with frame frame structure, the structure of website is the most taboo search engine is very easy to ignore you, but Zhenjiang Amoy net the same second days so it was collected, except for the luck I think is largely derived from my home to do the standard optimization such as the choice of keywords what did not elaborate on here.

The main problem with

is that other pages are ignored, and it’s the most convenient way to take into account the real time update of the site with the framework provided by mom. But the price is to be left out of the search engine, my plan is to manually write the page, here to tell you a simple way, that is, the theme of the promotion

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