58 city vice president Xu Guipeng electricity supplier is not a panacea hammer
on February 26, 2017

November 28, 2014, the global automotive business conference held in Shanghai, the second-hand car from the car to the parts, from the trend to mode to the logistics to pay, multi dimensional interpretation of automotive electricity supplier development model and experience, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the link. 58 city vice president and general manager of automotive division Xu Guipeng attended, with the electricity supplier is not a universal hammer "as the theme of a speech from the current situation and vision 58 second-hand car 58 city mission, speaking about the value and applicability of the automobile electricity supplier, and an example of the overseas mature automobile industry business development pattern the analysis.

said that the rapid development of automobile business overall, Xu Guipeng said, on the new deal, the Internet and electricity supplier, so that consumers There was no parallel in history. and our manufacturers to shorten the transaction chain, the future consumers will have more choices, can pay in advance, to customize their cars, these are likely to gradually realize the. But at this stage of the automotive electricity supplier is more from the perspective of sales channels, from the sales price perspective, from the creation of increment, reduced cost, etc. provided to improve transaction efficiency and enhance customer value and purchase experience value creation perspective, the effect is very limited. Xu Guipeng stressed that the order is not equal to the simple redistribution, the creation of value, the future real business model is more lower, the transaction cost efficiency and enhance the customer experience and create increment for the whole market, and not just in the channel and time order redistribution and transfer transactions.

the global automotive electricity supplier conference is by far the highest specifications of the electric car assembly, covering new cars, used cars, car parts and other aspects of business, for the development and study of second-hand car industry attention and enthusiasm than ever.

data show that over the past ten years, Chinese second-hand car trading volume and turnover has been in a rising channel, the first half of the total transaction size in 2014 of second-hand car to 2 million 819 thousand vehicles, compared to the same period last year growth of 12.77%; turnover of 170 billion 526 million yuan, compared to the same period last year rose 22.88%. Accordingly, the second-hand car trading volume of electricity supplier market share has reached 2.9%, compared to last year’s annual electricity supplier’s share of the growth of 1%.

Xu Guipeng said that although the car O2O in the country is still in its infancy, while facing the opportunity to follow the development of mobile Internet, 58 city used car channel has been fully prepared. Nearly two years 58 second-hand car platform in a stage of rapid development, information services to the "simple" and "free" as the core, every day there are 2 million 400 thousand cars, selling cars online active users, online car source daily volume reached 1 million 500 thousand, there is no doubt that 58 city used cars has become China’s largest second-hand car trading information platform. At present, China’s second-hand car market, the main body, including the used car market, vehicle sales group, 4S stores, large dealers, B2B/ auction companies and hundreds of thousands of businesses are active in the 58 used car platform. Consolidation >

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