Groupon into China difficult the lack of a Chinese heart group purchase Figure
on February 26, 2017

speed transit network January 7th news this morning, Groupon’s internal mail sparked a thousand waves. Mads, vice president of international operations, said Faurholt plans to enter the Chinese market, in the first 3 months to recruit staff of 1000. Ambitious appetite Groupon triggered heated debate in the industry.

industry commentators will Groupon a "America Chinese approximation of fourth aircraft carriers", and said "China in any area of the Internet, there are American companies figure, but failed, the Groupon broke Chinese Internet menacing, known as the the Great Wall, the Internet has no American history rewriting China, this is no one we cannot tolerate the." This analogy, the Groupon into the Chinese plan heavily pushed to the spotlight.

more than a voice against. If not patriotism is dominant. The breakdown of China Internet past history, American companies ultimately ended in failure. Insiders one by one, said: eBay dry but Taobao, Google, but Baidu, MSN dry but QQ, mysapce, if not to play with the label of Microsoft, I am afraid we do not know. An American company in China what Groupon with broken halberds defeat so much confidence, "



Groupon plans to enter the market (Chinese speed transit network plan)

looking back on the domestic group purchase market, by the end of 2010, the number of domestic group purchase website has more than 1500. Even if the threshold is low, the profit model is simple, the phenomenon of blowout phenomenon, but there are still people survived, and now it seems to live well. Insiders say so, even if the group purchase website have suffered criticism, more time to encounter consumer complaints, media exposure and other conditions, but because of the close attention, which makes the group purchase website itself to keep self-discipline, healthy and stable development.

‘s menacing Groupon, intended to open the Internet China door, play is not a showstopper, but want to do dominate the arena overlord group purchase. However, the domestic group purchase website localization advantage is not Groupon to imitate the success of writing in the United States will encounter difficulties and obstacles of the myth of Groupon in China. Numerous Internet companies have followed the United States, but the rate of fall is also unprepared. EBay falls, Google fell, down MSN, Groupon will be the next American giant crashing down.

, another industry source said, but the current is not a feudal society, more than military war who heavy gunfire, the originator of overseas domestic group purchase and bigwigs are non state with profound respect and humility. In micro-blog, in addition to the challenge is more sound, strong resistance. Groupon lack of understanding of the Chinese market, if you want to enter the Chinese market independently, how to build on the basis of localization is the primary work, this road is going to be very difficult

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