Create the Google keyword advertising tactics 12
on February 26, 2017

About the author: Michael Wong is a senior search engine optimization experts, he created a lot of books on search engines. The editors of Mike at the same time, "marketing strategy" Mike of a book, can be said that he is the leader of the network marketing strategy.

Abstract: This article will show you the ranking ads on Google keywords (Google AdWords Select) some skills in creating the successful advertising content. I have used these methods to test Google’s pay per click advertising service for some time, and the results were very successful. These 12 tips can help you to create a higher click rate in the Google keyword ranking ad, and at a lower price in front. As you expect!


3 on multiple test at the same time, advertising generally requires 2 or more advertising testing. This method is called the A/B separation test in the printing industry. Find out the ads that can get a higher click through rate, and use it to replace the original content. Repeat this process to get the highest content of the ad.

4 tracks each advertising return on investment (ROI) Google tracks the each keyword advertisement click rate, but it doesn’t track how many hits the conversion of your return on investment (ROI). You can use a special tracking link for each ad to track the conversion of the ad. For example: you can add a member to each ad tracking system link (affiliate tracking system>)

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