CCTV secret online shopping return scam buy a data line was cheated 165 thousand
on February 26, 2017

[Abstract] for more and more online lending products, experts advise consumers to protect their personal information and verification code at the same time, do not put the eggs in the same blue.

CCTV news: this scam can be said to be an upgraded version of a variety of fraud cases. Before is how much money you have, it is cheater cheated, but this is the case, you had no money, let you borrow money to give him a liar cheat. Is there such a "God"


Kobayashi is who took part in the office workers near the work, before she has a data line to buy on Amazon’s website. But did not expect is that she paid in the morning, in the afternoon received a call to Amazon’s customer service, said her order was returned.


victim Kobayashi (a pseudonym): said I did not receive the goods, resulting in return. Because noon also received a courier phone, courier said to me to send things, but did not serve. So I still believe.

time, place, did not receive the goods in a timely manner, a series of all the details of the agreement. The so-called customer service phone made Kobayashi initial trust. Subsequently, under the guidance of the so-called customer service staff, Kobayashi log in their Amazon account and found his account on the home page is really prompted orders are returned. At this time, the customer service staff began to induce Kobayashi refund operation.

victim Kobayashi (a pseudonym): first, let me click on the official website of a link, then let me lose the bank card, as well as the verification code. But when you lose is not successful, she said he can refund the announcement by Alipay, he will update to Alipay through a refund.

Kobayashi several times to enter the so-called refund password prompt input error. At this time, the customer service staff also said Kobayashi can refund lending through Alipay products. Kobayashi did not think about this time, it once again entered the so-called refund password.

in fact, the so-called customer service staff have been eyeing Alipay in the mobile phone Kobayashi lending products – ants by chanting.


Kobayashi told reporters that the loan products on the part of the higher credit users automatically opened the lending function, and he did not know. When she found the ants borrow the amount of 165 thousand yuan on display pictures, think this is customer service personnel in accordance with the return process opening amount. Subsequently, Kobayashi put the newly opened loans transferred to the designated bank card customer service staff.

but from then on, the customer service officer claimed that the loan and 50 yuan immediately returned the money disappeared without a trace, until this time, Kobayashi found himself cheated.

posted a set of Web site announcement sets of fraud loans

just 1 hours, Kobayashi cheated by the liar, how exactly is it?


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