Net red pot and brush his face 1 days to increase the powder P logic behind the 200 thousand
on February 26, 2017

Abstract: a network of red pot IP road?


text / reporter Ning Xia letter

network operators in the world

editor / fan Yue

borrowed a diamond network red pot PA screen, the whole pair of 11 FISSLER came again. December 27th FISSLER landing Tmall super brand day, once again brush a sense of presence.

Tmall to provide data show that the day of the event, FISSLER’s flagship store turnover exceeded 12 pairs of Tmall, the actual increase of up to 50%, second only to double the equivalent of the next line, the total sales of the 20 stores in the next 40 days. The shop and new fans about 200000, daily 400 times. Double 11, FISSLER flagship store started a few hours in 2015 11 sales all day long double break. Rely on 4 million 300 thousand of the value of the diamond pot, shop UV traffic on the breakthrough of the 1 million, has become a veritable red".

and the super brand day activities, FISSLER open up online and offline stores, membership, except for the occasional show millions of town store pot, also set up a variety of links pointing to the same theme: a free trial of the classical pressure cooker, Yan burst table values small meat chef broadcast, ode to joy crew visit the quota and so on, the chef cooking live links to attract more than 2 million visitors to watch the light luxury kitchen brand is to create their own IP, the scene of marketing and dissemination, so that the brand is more down to earth, more fun.

four strokes to create rich IP


start too early, but the review of marketing ideas of FISSLER, we can see that this brand is to develop their own IP "business logic" — through both cross-border and enough depth marketing, FISSLER from the four dimensions of brand IP.

1, promotion and historical "Implicit Association"

was founded in 1845, has 171 years of FISSLER to promote the experience of the set price and the history of the group to do a hidden relationship". The tool pot milk pot 171 yuan, 171 yuan experience set the experience of kitchen cleaning set set, 171 yuan, 1710 yuan, 1710 yuan pan set pressure cooker set, 1710 yuan of net imports set to brand history for the incision, the number 171 as a symbol of communication FISSLER, in the super brand on both low prices expressed the sincerity, history and also make consumer easy to remember the brand.

2, live scene marketing

whether it is television shopping or nearly two years of popular webcast, the kitchen is the scene of sale of goods is always the famous live brand kitchenware. Live in the process of the super brand, FISSLER chef while with the support of anhydrous cuisine, bearing more than and 200 jins of handle "YAGE pot wok", with the side to explain FISSLER pan medical stainless steel used in the end what is backing out. Not only that, in addition to the value of the appearance of small explosion

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