How to improve their learning ability
on February 26, 2017

industry is a rapidly changing industry, rapid development, changes quickly, want to have a place to live in this industry, it must accumulate enough experience and knowledge. Therefore, we must expand their learning channels and ways to enhance their learning ability. The most important channel of learning is of course work, practice is the foundation of all things; second is like peer predecessors, who has experience of learning and communication, improve their business level; finally is the other channels open, electricity traders should be how to improve their learning ability? The author’s own experience and others advice, specific and all about.


1, sent on behalf of the network forum: the nature of the electricity supplier combat site coverage information is very comprehensive, there are a lot of experience sharing type dry cargo. Practical, timeliness is very strong, is worth to learn.

2, iResearch: look at the data can go to iResearch, the Internet industry data, information, reports and other information can be here to browse and learn.

3, billion state power network: also known as the electricity supplier combat sharing platform to provide e-commerce combat knowledge, news, community, training, meetings and other services for small and medium sized enterprises.

4, Ali Research Center website: Ali Institute affiliated sites, a large number of the electricity industry (especially Taobao network) case study, as well as policy, environment information and data.

5, the other: a lot of the Internet, the electricity supplier website can learn a lot of industry cutting-edge information, need to gradually accumulate and enhance in the actual learning.

books: personal hobbies are different, the books are not the same, but on the electricity supplier industry, it is recommended to read the following categories: management, marketing, industry related categories.


1, "the world network manager"

coverage of the electronic commerce industry information magazine, the content is very deep, in the face of senior management of reading journals.

2, "seller"

for Taobao network reading business magazine, analysis of the strategic level both have practice cases and experience.

3, entrepreneur

is not an increase in the electricity supplier industry, but are standing in the entrepreneur’s point of view (such as a lot of full-time Taobao shopkeeper) to analyze and locate some of the information on the Internet, suitable for entrepreneurs to read and learn.

electronic publications:

1, the seller, the digital version: do Taobao students are recommended to see, 25 yuan a year, every Monday, it is worth learning.

2, "I": the network operators in the world for free, "is the electronic version of the network operators in the world", the air can see and learn.

others: for example, may choose to participate in a number of large electricity supplier Conference (>

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