Sea Amoy children’s supplies sampling 13 substandard or cause child suffocation
on February 26, 2017

(CCTV financial news) this year not only fire exit shopping, many consumers are still the Internet to find a more convenient way to buy foreign goods, is through a variety of cross-border electricity supplier channels to order, we call this sea amoy. In particular, many parents feel that the sea Amoy to foreign brands, quality is more reliable, rather expensive, trouble, but also to buy a peace of mind. But the sea Amoy goods is really reliable? The quality of children’s products national quality supervision and inspection and Quarantine of cross-border electricity imports last year were sampling, then how about the results of the sampling in the CCTV? 3· 15 party inspection and supervision department of the State Administration of quality inspection director Sun Wenkang to our disambiguation answer.  

National Quality Inspection Administration inspection supervision department director Sun Wenkang: in 2015, the General Administration of quality inspection through cross-border electricity supplier channels of imported children’s products, including toys, clothing, diapers, wipes, kitchenware for quality checks, sampling a total of 654 batches, 217 batches of substandard detection, the unqualified rate was 33%. Among them, a total of 124 batches of imported toys, the detection of the existence of small quantities of the 28 batch of small parts easily lead to child suffocation, or physical safety performance is not qualified, the products are mainly from Thailand, South Korea, Germany, the United States and other countries.

related brands include: little (small tikes wonderworld (TEK), wonderful world). A total sample of 133 batches of imported children’s clothing, the detection quality of 29 batches failed, mainly existing apparel accessories do not meet the standard requirements, easily lead to choking, pH and fabric failure and other issues. Products are mainly from South Korea, Turkey, the United States and other countries. Involving brands including: allo& Lugh (such as boys, rock and Lu) (juvenile rock).

also found in the sample, many enterprises do not pay attention to Chinese cross-border business regulations and standards related products labeling requirements, 26% of the products are not affixed to Chinese labeling and instructions, or in the sales website does not provide electronic identification manual. The State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) will strictly control the quality of imported consumer goods and crack down on fake and shoddy products, so that consumers can be healthy and safe.

sampling results I am afraid that a lot of people did not expect, it seems that the sea Amoy goods are not one hundred percent reassuring, and even some of the well-known brands in mind there are quality defects. In fact, build new ecological consumption, we also need consumers to maintain a sober and rational, not superstitious, do not blindly, to see more quality brand.

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