Amazon push cheap strategy success Bezos or leader in the nternet
on February 26, 2017

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

in Beijing, January 24th, according to voice of the economy, the world company reported that every Christmas is a traditional commodity sales season in Europe and the United States, last year is no exception. However, last year’s Christmas sales have a special place, that is, e-books, music, video and games and other digital products, has become the fastest growing retail products. Some analysts pointed out that last year, other network digital goods sales than in previous years did not fire, a new growth engine of electronic books, the Amazon Co launched a cheap Kindle Fire strategy has been successful.

at the end of last September, the founder of Amazon Co, the incumbent CEO Geoff Bezos to attend Kindle Fire conference, officially introduced the new product to the outside world: Bezos is very confident that this new product of his own he believes that Kindle Fire can field dominance in electronic commerce by Amazon to challenge Apple’s iPad.


will prove that Bezos said is true. Amazon Co from November last year, sales of Kindle Fire Tablet PC, the price of this tablet is only $199, compared to the lowest price of $iPad apple, Kindle Fire absolutely affordable. Amazon Co said, Kindle Fire weekly sales of more than 1 million units, according to Goldman Sachs expects, Kindle Fire sales in the last quarter of fourth reached 14 million units.

until now, in mid December to early January, a tablet computer of adults in the United States the proportion of consumers increased from 10% to 19% over the same period, with the e-book reader products of adults in the United States the proportion of consumers also nearly doubled. Although many consumers choose the price of $500 apple iPad, but Amazon’s Kindle Fire growth momentum is also getting faster.

looked at these two although there is still a certain gap, Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPad, but from the current momentum, Kindle Fire from Apple’s iPad how far can catch up with it? Is it possible to catch up with it?

: I think this Xiangrong two is not a thing, I think this is something, first, many consumers are willing to take Kindle Fire compared with iPad, Kindle and Fire are more focused on reading, and then watch a video like this, and iPad is a set of about 400000 should be used in all the above. What kinds of entertainment. So then I think Amazon is also very smart, we use iPad than the mentality, and then directly directed at iPad, this is a clever marketing strategy for him, but the two basically used real people, I’ve seen some of my friends a lot of around two of them are some.

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