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on February 26, 2017


A: Good evening. Tonight we are pleased to be invited to the independent curator Mr. Zhang Feizhou, Zhang Feizhou is now engaged in tea brand planning and the use of renewable resources in terms of work, today very happy to invite Mr. Zhang came with us to talk about tea brand planning and utilization of renewable resources related to the topic, we thank you for your support! The interview is about to begin.

A: Good evening, Feizhou, thank you for your participation, we still hope you can and we do a self introduction

Zhang Feizhou: Hi, I’m Zhang Feizhou. The main build tea industry brand store design and management, from the 05 year contact Minnan Tieguanyin tea, Tieguanyin tea and now has the indissoluble bound. Although I did not work in the tea industry, but my eyes have never been removed from the industry. I am good at history on the other hand, let me know the root of the development of tea culture from the root of the context, I hope that my point of view and my speech can be recognized by everyone

A: Thank you for sharing, so for the understanding of the tea culture and why you choose to build this platform of tea, and we talk about.

Zhang Feizhou: on the one hand, I have a love of tea from a young age, on the other hand, I have a better understanding of the advantages of the history of tea and Chinese tea culture. Third, a lot of friends around is to make tea, naturally they are in the process of interpretation of the tea culture, so I always want to talk about something, that is why I am here and talk about the reasons for the construction of tea brand

Passers-A: OK, so the tea brand promotion and marketing process in fact has been very common, the breakthrough of tea brand marketing, are you ready? Can you and we discuss the planning concept and implementation plan.

Zhang Feizhou: indeed, the current tea brand promotion and marketing work has been done very common. It is not easy to cut into the industry itself.

tea brand operation is divided into two modules: one is the brand building, the other is the brand marketing. At present the construction of brand has been formed, and even has a unique travel Fujian Tieguanyin store image, this image has a good market in Henan, Shandong, Beijing and other places. But it is precisely because of this, the operating mode of Minnan tea store has been a white hot competition stage. Only a Anxi County, relying on 7 billion of the annual output value of tea, has explained the problem.

now is this competitive platform, how to do the difference operation? Whether can use this mode of packing which is not mature in tea and tea category? Marketing links, will encounter all sorts of homogeneous competition phenomenon, how to make this service also be differentiated? This is me in here an important lecture.

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