SNS new round of e commerce Taobao lead
on February 26, 2017

The first year of the 2011

e-commerce, the combination of SNS and electronic commerce will become a development direction of e-commerce, SNS e-commerce has a natural advantage, itself as a social platform, has a huge social network and popularity, will be more conducive to the development of electronic commerce.

today released the official information on, to upgrade its "Amoy arena", and "my Taobao" into the interface, at the same time increase, the shopkeeper said friends sharing SNS.


Taobao has been concerned about and committed to improving the consumer’s shopping experience, Taobao’s SNS will also be launched around the consumer. Amoy now will no longer be a separate application, and visit Amoy Lake site, will jump to my Taobao". The rivers and lakes no longer exist.


2011, Taobao’s SNS will be mainly oriented in two directions: first, the interaction between consumers will be more improved; the second is to make the overall Taobao more SNS, so that SNS gene implanted in Taobao.

the launch of the "shopkeeper" is a Taobao sellers self marketing and self customer management; "friends" is based on the experience of consumer goods online shopping through the external community or designated friends for another application sharing. Two applications will be "my Taobao" to show. Amoy arena is the 2009 launch of SNS products, 2011 in Amoy friends attention, favorites and other functions of the integrated technology upgrade.

upgrade the interpretation of the Taobao Jianghu combination of e-commerce +SNS, will lead the future of electronic commerce +SNS mining gold point.

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