The key points of concept speculation and concept marketing
on February 26, 2017


domestic network marketing training institutions: the concept of speculation, must grasp several points: 1. The concept itself and the product (or service) are contextually relevant and necessary; two. Product quality is fundamental. The product is the vitality, from the product itself any marketing will be in vain; three. Using the concept of marketing operation, please remember to bring the "culture", the only way to make the concept of marketing to achieve the ultimate benefits.

in the past successful marketing cases, there are several typical cases worth exploring. Such as: melatonin, PDA, Vancl.

"received only melatonin" gifts "concept, so that melatonin win consumers, in the field of health care products Chinese success; using straightforward slogan" pager, mobile phone, PDA, not one less "propaganda way for consumers to deepen PDA cognition of the concept of" innovation concept; light mode is used vintage well, Vancl has now become VANCL’s largest Internet network marketing brand shirts.

finally, I want to say: the world is not because of "swine flu" is coming, and become "dreary", although it directly affects the pork and food related upstream and downstream industry chain, but it does not affect the normal operation of the earth. Because there are always people who like to eat pork, there will always be people who love to eat Pork Chop, someone like soup……

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