Blue wheat was Huichang rich strategic investment fund business
on February 27, 2017

Reliable news from

insiders said, in order to build soil at specialty platform and famous agricultural field electric business and characteristics of Zhejiang blue wheat e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd, before the date of the acquisition of Strategic Investment Department of Shanghai Chang Fu Equity Investment Fund Management Co. ltd.. The person did not disclose the specific amount of investment, but from the enthusiastic Huichang rich fund at the prospect of blue wheat specialty platform electricity supplier flagship product of soil, the funds are not in the minority.

soil APP users in the short term or nearly 100 thousand

it is understood that the Zhejiang blue wheat e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd to build the soil at the specialty of platform, including soil APP, soil at the mall and take WeChat earth take three Internet products, three products each drainage, forming a close loop flow in the mobile terminal, a strong flow of inner circulation system and line drainage capacity, the soil take a short time has gathered tens of thousands of users. Informed sources said that as of November 2015, the amount of soil APP users has nearly 100 thousand, the transaction volume of nearly 2 million.

observers analysis, take the soil to occupy the Internet plus characteristic agriculture "in the field, with the favorable factors, namely policy advantage, market advantage and team advantage, its development should not be underestimated, a short period of time this achievement is not difficult to understand. Blue wheat electricity supplier insiders declined to comment. Blue wheat related sources, the company is full of product optimization, product optimization, optimization and optimization of service brand, to give users the most authentic interactive products, delicacy best experience, the best quality service, and the most positive energy brand image, build "internal strength" is currently the company’s main line. The person with "if I bloom, the butterfly", to describe the soil at the relationship with the user.

idealism of the color of the soil to run a special platform

Informed sources said the

, the idealism of the earth, but also its important reasons for widespread concern. It is reported that the soil at a special platform, idealism originated from the business general manager Gao Lei lanmai. Gao Lei found that over the years the news shows, the country frequently appear specialty slow-moving phenomenon, farmers suffered more harvest, more weight loss dilemma "; on the other hand, many people could not eat, can not buy authentic products. As a result, Gao Lei started to build a platform to promote the sale of information symmetry, so that specialty businesses and specialty consumers gathered on the same platform and the idea of trading. Soil run special platform came into being.

blue wheat electricity supplier insiders confirmed the rumors. The person said, "because their native soil, slow-moving will become a history" is one of the ideal vision of soil at.

This idealism at

soil, it is also the current lack of row upon row of electricity supplier company. The vast majority of young business start-up companies are based on the interests of the first driving force, which also led to the electricity supplier’s marketing practices increasingly rare user’s heart. While the earth take operation, according to observers said, is closely linked to users, services and brands, rather than commercial interests, and performance, the harvest is goodwill, reputation and loyalty.


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