Eight electricity supplier website address details page address user experience
on February 27, 2017

with the development of the Internet, e-commerce is becoming more and more hot, more and more online shopping crowd, the user experience is more and more attention. In the process of user access to the site selection of goods and purchase, delivery address page is a necessary step, the author chose 8 well-known electricity supplier website, from which little attention has been paid to the delivery address of the page to see the details of the user experience of the website friendly.

a, Taobao


: the author summarizes taobao.com as domestic heavyweights, has maintained the traditional pattern in the delivery address page layout neat, marked fill option. After the registration of a member of the receipt of the address management, can be set up a number of addresses and at any time to modify, fill in the supplementary notes.

two, pat net


author summary: Tencent’s pat network address is basically the same with Taobao, a receipt address management, can be set up, but in the area where the item is not aligned, affecting the overall appearance.

3, Amazon


I concluded: Amazon is the author of the operation is not used to feel, because it is a foreign website, it continues the kind of foreign style. Including the first address select region, which is consistent with the Chinese habit. Phone number this one does not distinguish between the fixed or mobile phone, and it will be used in the Chinese credit card address, this is obviously not in conformity with the national conditions Chinese. Receipt of address management, can be modified at any time.

4, Dangdang


: the author summarizes dangdang.com neat layout, registered after receiving address management, can be modified at any time. The zip code is according to the user selected area and displayed for customer reference.

5, red child


author summary: red children receive address layout beautiful, after receiving the registration address management, can be modified at any time. In contrast to the previous few, red children to increase the e-mail address options, delivery time has a normal working day, Zhou Liuri, not limited to three options, the default is Monday to Friday, the normal working day.

6, wheat bag


author summary: Wheat bag layout compact, after receipt of the registered address management, can be modified at any time. With fixed as required, zip code can be based on user input address auto fill.

7, Jingdong mall


author summary: Jingdong Mall for the first time there is no registered address management (at least I did not find)

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