Simple interpretation of e commerce matrix management methods and advantages and disadvantages
on February 27, 2017

Structure design of

under electronic commerce is not only the work of management, is designed by the structure to meet the environmental requirements and organizational development to improve the management level, to promote tissue growth target. In order to meet the objective requirements of electronic commerce. In combination with the objective needs of all sectors of the economy. The organizational structure of e-commerce can be explored in accordance with the 4 modes, namely the matrix structure, simulation model of decentralized management structure, organic structure and network structure.

today focuses on the matrix structure

matrix structure is composed of two sets of vertical and horizontal management series of square structure, a set of functional series. The two aspect system of overlapping, form a matrix and its main features are: in order to complete a specific task, such as the completion of a project or the development of a new product. By the relevant departments to form a group. The use of all forces to coordinate all aspects of the activity. Ensure the completion of tasks.

matrix structure is the structure of the work and the task as the center, so that the functions and skills match. In the matrix structure, the task to be completed is static, and management functions and work skills are dynamic, can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of the task. This structure is now a job or task with a working team, the personnel structure completely as the need may be. Complex tasks require more professionals. The simple work requires less. Once each task is completed, the corresponding team’s life is over. This structure is especially suitable for the "assault" task, because the team is always set up for a particular task rather than for a particular skill or working process.

matrix organization structure has 3 outstanding advantages:

(1) it is a system of the combination of time and space for the completion of a certain task. The choice of its elements is not based on the administrative level, nor by the number of assets, but by the size of the contribution to the creation of a work goal. Each of these elements can be an organization or a university, a research institute, a laboratory, or even an individual. It combines the horizontal and vertical linkages in the organization through the information network, strengthen the coordination between the various functional departments, and timely exchange of information, exchange of views, joint decision-making.

(2) to different departments professionals together, help them inspire each other, complement each other, to create a "tribute. Respecting knowledge and respecting talents" work atmosphere. Inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of staff. Because of this kind of organization is established based on information network, so it can be separated by thousands of miles of intelligence elements to the matrix, by far hydrolysis thirst. This greatly improves the quality of the organization and the efficiency of the project.

The organization form of

(3) has great flexibility. The operation process in a matrix organization. Can continue to Tugunaxin, eliminated lost creativity elements. Absorb new innovative elements found.

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