Who owns the search engine rankings have not used electronic commerce
on February 27, 2017

said the search engine PPC, insiders immediately think of Baidu, because Baidu started a search engine ranking first, then the electronic commerce website also follow the trend of learning, such as Ali, China weaving net and so on. Now the competitive ranking as a marketing tool.

and search engine ranking reverse service is bidding from start bidding to discuss the expulsion of Sanlu milk powder, is the best example for expulsion led to a crisis of confidence, Baidu later.

I want to let you have you have, you want to let you without you, the search engine is now the boss, whether it is a comprehensive search engine Baidu, Google, Soso, Sogou, Youdao, Yahoo or make-in-china, the industry search engine Alibaba, HC360 and so on, is now high on the attitude.

if the 2003 SARS open a new era of e-commerce Chinese words, then the economic crisis has given the opportunity to accelerate the development of e-commerce, many enterprises have focused China themselves in the field of e-commerce development, reduce their cost of sales by electronic commerce, increasing sales channels, e-commerce is now very the situation of the high.

How the development of their own e-commerce

, has more than two kinds, one on Alibaba, make-in-china, HC360, Taobao, etc. have a sales channel, there is a self built e-commerce platform, the success of the red child, Jingdong business, including Taobao, but the company can not stand on the same height with them, and not spend a lot of manpower and material resources to do this thing, so there is only one channel, it is PPC.

I want to

sales of products to achieve the front of the search engine, each click is likely a successful e-commerce sales, this is the current situation of enterprise e-commerce.

may be someone to come back to me, Google is not do not do PPC? We can not do Google ah. In fact, you are wrong, Google also have to do ah, you look at the B2B, look at what is the result of the


B2B trade seize every overseas customer

www.Google.cn/haiwai to solve your overseas marketing barriers, targeting customers Google authorized agents full service, marketing global

this is the overseas promotion of Google, in fact, is a disguised competitive ranking. Including the word association, these are the search engine as a means for making money.

imagine if one day, you make a fake products, you are Baidu, Google occupy the first page of the first that is how a situation? Means you do earn a lot of money, a lot of people to sell inferior products. However, enterprises >

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