Jingdong set up 10 million deposit return is no longer afraid of businessmen smelly face
on February 27, 2017


] October 28th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, in order to avoid businesses delay consumers to return the reasonable demand, to provide consumers with timely refund, the Jingdong today announced the establishment of 10 million yuan deposit, the lifting of the user concerns about customer service service.

security official establishment, if consumers apply for return service, but within 48 hours of the third party merchants did not propose the audit opinion, the Jingdong will automatically default through the audit platform. A returned goods in the consumer and upload express order information, within 10 days of business did not give opinions, the Jingdong will start the first deposit refund the corresponding consumer payment.

in addition, today still "Jingdong" Declaration of the conference and product supplier representatives signed a joint pledge guarantee to prevent counterfeiting.

In order to control the quality of the goods

detection, Jingdong has a strategic cooperation agreement with Intertek Group signed and announced the establishment of a highly efficient, simple and transparent business integrity and quality assurance system.

is reported that, as of the two quarter of this year, the number of Jingdong open platform sellers reached about 38000, the category has been rapidly expanded to more than 700.

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