WPS active user Promotion Alliance
on February 27, 2017

Address: m.union.kingsoft.com

alliance project goal: to increase the number of 2005 WPS Office. Specific assessment data is the increment of WPS Office 2005 active users. In other words, your site to allow more people to install and actually use WPS Office 2005, then the higher the income of the owners.

, a join condition

1, you must register to become Jinshan membership.

2, this product promotion website, content is healthy, malicious promotion. WPS can be placed on the topic of the site’s home page obvious position. In particular, welcome all kinds of resumes, papers, resources, such as the download site, Office applications, industry portals, original literature website to apply for admission.   

two, commission description

Commission and the site of the WPS active users are proportional to the increase in the number of active users of the site to increase the growth of WPS, the higher the income of the webmaster.

Kingsoft WPS project payment specification

monthly active users incremental

monthly active users incremental unit price

1 – 499

0.5 yuan

500 – 19999

0.6 yuan

20000 more than

0.7 yuan

For example:

the day before the mid day active users increment and

special note: in order to protect the interests of the owners, if the day of active users incremental negative (ie: active users on the day – a day before the active user is negative), then the day of active users increment in accordance with 0.

active user is a user of the WPS Office 2005 installed and has actual usage behavior.

three, improve the 4 important methods of the performance of
2, improve the installation: installation is the use of the foundation, only more people installed in order to use to lay a good foundation for more people. Therefore, strongly recommend placing WPS in the webmaster website home page prominently ad
1) crafted WP.

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